Artists of Reference for No Daylight Photography.

Techniques and Processes 2A

For artists of reference I looked at Michael Bosanko’s work, and Picasso.

Picasso- light graffiti.

I have been studying about art and art history for my A levels, I have studied about several works created by Picasso but I never knew that this artist had passion for light graffiti paintings.

Picasso started after being shown photographs of ice skating dance with light and he immediately fell in live with the effect. His passion grew and picasso started drawing art out of light he drew creatures out of swirls of light such as bulls, centaurs, greek profiles, his signature and much more.

This is what I look up to do in my project, after experimenting with graffiti light art what was next is choosing a subject to work on.


These are all light painting artists found in history ;

I really liked looking at these artists and their works they were all influential.


Michael Bosanko

An inspiration and I really liked his work and how much things he managed to do with his light painting.

As an artist he got his work published in ;


-magazines and books

-photography advertising

and Commercial campaigns

These are what I can list as my publishing possibilities for my project

  • what I mentioned above that Bosanko did
  • photography and art galleries
  • Use for events (music, Christmas,graffiti art and more)



This particular work of his is what inspired me to work on angels , I liked how in the picture you can see figurative forms as if they were cartoon in light that came to life and are living in the real world.

Then I thought about working on drawing angels the same way that Bosanko drew his figures and my angels will have several meanings behind them.

What I also liked about his work is how he uses the light painting to make living out of it, he makes light graffiti to create logos and posters for events and several companies and since back in Malta my course is on Graphic design I could use this photographer for future reference in my work. I think it is very original to make logos out of light painting for your clients.

Links to his work;



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